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  Why Has America Gotten 30% Fatter in the last 15 years?


“It is too difficult to get patients to put the carbos down, in fact, it’s almost impossible since carbohydrates are hidden in most of our foods! Even a can of soda can spike your insulin levels enough to cause a severe ‘sugar crash.’”

Dr. Howard Hagglund M.D. 
Malibu Naturals Medical Advisor

Americans love carbohydrates! Potatoes, rice, pasta, bread -- they're all high-carb foods.

Unfortunately, for most people, high carb diets provide more fuel to your body than it can burn so it converts those carbs to sugars. 

When high-carb foods enter your body, they are quickly broken down into glucose (sugar) which raises your blood sugar levels and causes your pancreas to produce insulin.  

Insulin is essentially a FAT storage hormone and, if not properly manipulated through diet and exercise, will PREVENT fat loss, even on a low caloric intake, which is the main reason why high carbohydrate diet plans will NEVER promote fat reduction.

This is the basis of many popular diet plans. When your insulin production is under control, your body burns fat more efficiently and you use more food for energy. 

"New scientific evidence has revealed that the secret to losing fat is to limit your intake of carbohydrates.  The Carb-Lo Diet System is truly a breakthrough.  I highly recommend it."

If you want to be thin, you must control your insulin."

Dr. H. Hagglund M.D.

Now, the solution to knocking out carbos is much easier!  

CARB-LO is a weight loss breakthrough based on new scientific evidence that the secret to losing fat is to limit your intake of carbohydrates and sugars. CARB-LO is a revolutionary supplement that dramatically cuts the fat-producing effect of high-carb foods!

"Hold on to your hat for this one. I lost over 30 POUNDS using only Carb-Lo. I've went from wearing a man's 36 in. waist pants to a JUNIOR 9 in Levi's! 

I kept on going to the Salvation Army and just picking up pants that looked like they'd fit. The 1st of the month I bought a new pair of Levi's; and when I turned around to look in the mirror, I cried.

I have about 5 pounds to go and I'll weigh as much as I did before I got pregnant with my first child, who'll be 28 this summer. I started taking the Carb-Lo when we first got it in early October. And don't think I denied myself of all the good stuff over the holidays, either. Is that too cool or what!!!!!"

Paula, Canton OH
Shipping Department
TaeBo Select / Malibu Naturals

Clinically Proven For Effectiveness

CARB-LO's active ingredient has been clinically proven to
STABILIZE blood sugar, which is the key to low carb weight loss!

TaeBo Select Carb-Lo contains the patented ingredient Glucosol which has been clinically proven to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels without side effects.

Glucosol helps promote normal blood glucose metabolism. Specifically, the active compound of Glucosol, corosolic acid, has been shown to help maintain normal transport of blood glucose into the cells.

Corosolic acid is the active component in banaba leaf extract, which has been used for centuries as an herbal tea. Glucosol is standardized to provide a guaranteed minimum of 1% corosolic acid. Glucosol was found to be well tolerated and safe in all of the human and animal studies.

CARB-LO helps you take control of the EXCESS carbohydrates you eat and helps your body use them for energy - not for storing fat.

Here Is How the TaeBo Select Carb-Lo Diet System Works:

CARB-LO Tablets, to be taken before meals and carbohydrate-rich snacks, helps prevent excess carbohydrates from being turned into fat.  CARB-LO is a revolutionary supplement that dramatically cuts the fat-producing effects of high-carb foods!

CARB-LO PM Liquid, a great tasting liquid to be taken at bedtime without food, contains a powerful blend of amino acids called Hydrolyzed Collagen.  Collagen uses fat for energy and for repairing and rejuvenating your body during sleep, burning calories, and reducing fats stores.

The word collagen is derived from "kolla" the Greek word for glue.  Collagen is the abundant protein found in our body, protecting all of our muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, and bones.  

The lack of collagen causes the skin to hang, wrinkles to form, nails to break and muscles to ache.

During the first few hours of sleep, almost all body repair takes place.  While in this sleep phase, your body uses the available collagen and other nutrients to repair all vital system.  This process takes an enormous amount of caloric energy to complete and that's why you may lose weight while sleeping.

Collagen uses fat and energy to repair and rejuvenate your body during sleep.  The more collagen that is available, the more rejuvenation, calorie loss, and reduction in body fat can occur.

Collagen can be used at bedtime as a permanent fat loss and energy product without stimulants.  Typically, a noticeable increase in the looseness of your clothes while having more energy throughout the day takes place after a few weeks.  However, it is not unusual to see noticeable results in the first week or two.

What Else Comes In the Complete Carb-Lo System?

Chromium and Vanadium are essential trace minerals which promote stable blood sugar levels needed to protect calorie-burning lean muscle and to enable the release of Growth Hormone at night.

Green Tea Leaf Extract has potent antioxidant protective benefits.  Research has shown that Green Tea helps maximize the burning of calories and fat.

Aloe Vera concentrate has been traditionally used to help cleanse and rejuvenate the intestinal tract.  Aloe Vera also acts as a carrier for the other active ingredients in Carb-Lo PM.

Carb-Lo provides the SYSTEM you need for a successful and healthy weight management program.

When You TRY Carb-Lo Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

We are so certain that you will be THRILLED with the results you receive from CARB-LO that you can try it with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 

For Best Results, Take Carb-Lo and Carb-Lo PM Daily.  You'll See and Feel A Difference.  For only $62.97 you can save $5 by trying the complete Carb-Lo System.


  • Free Bonus #1 -  Since Carb-Lo  promotes the loss of FAT your measurements will often change before your weight does.  So, you will want to write down your body measurements prior to starting on the Carb-Lo system.   To make sure you have everything you need, we will also include a FREE tape measure and measuring chart to record your measurements accurately.

  • Free Bonus #2 - Since controlling carbohydrates is your goal, Carb-Lo should be taken before each meal.  Since it is difficult to carry the bottle of Carb-Lo around with you everywhere, your order will also include a FREE TaeBo Go'Z Carb-Lo Pill Box.

    The TaeBo Go'Z Carb-Lo Pill Box carries between 8 and 10 Carb-Lo tablets.  It conveniently fits in your purse or pocket.  Now you'll never get stuck without Carb-Lo!

Carb-Lo Tablets, our #1 selling product and a terrific complement to every LOW-CARB lifestyle, has BEEN IMPROVED! The new formula includes 500 mg per serving of a natural "starch blocker," called Phaseolamin.

Phaseolamin is an amazing, non-stimulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient that is derived from the white kidney bean. Phaseolamin has been clinically proven to neutralize starch commonly found in many favorite foods such as rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, corn, crackers, and more.

How Does It Work? During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates into sugar by breaking down the carbohydrate molecule with alpha amylase, an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas. These calories from sugar are either burned off, through daily physical activity, or stored as fat. Unfortunately, for most of us, that means one thing: WEIGHT GAIN.

Combined with the clinically-proven blood sugar stabilizer, Glucosol, Carb-Lo Tablets now pack a powerful one-two punch to help prevent high carb foods from being stored as fat! In a randomized, double- blind, cross-over clinical study, Glucosol (Corosolic acid), was shown to be effective in helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels, with no signs of adverse reaction. The new Carb-Lo formula contains the same amount of Glucosol, 32 mg per serving, as the original formula. TRY NEW CARB-LO TODAY!

By combining nighttime use of Carb-Lo PM with the daytime practice of taking Carb-Lo tablets before meals, your body can remain in an "anabolic" state and more easily lose fat -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!




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