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Preferred Customer Auto-Ship Information and Ordering

Malibu Naturals has introduced a Preferred Customer Program. "Preferred Customers" are simply customers who choose a  TaeBo Select or Malibu Naturals product (or products) to buy and use each and every month. The products are shipped automatically, direct from TaeBo Select, and the customer's credit card or checking account is debited.

Not only is this the most convenient way for customers to receive their product (and guarantees that they won't run out!), Preferred Customers enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT OFF THE REGULAR RETAIL PRICE! Preferred Customer Auto-Ship orders can be changed or canceled at anytime.

Plus, if you have just one product on the Auto-Ship program, you can still get any of our products at any time of the month with a full 15% DISCOUNT.

If you would like to enroll in the Preferred Customer Program and save 15% on your order OR if you are currently on the Auto-ship program then use this page to order. 



The Carb-Lo Diet System
The complete system for a successful weight management program

Carb-Lo - Low carb diet without the low carb.  By supplementing with Carb-Lo daily you avoid the rebound of low carb diets while preventing excess carbs from being turned into fat. Best results when taken with Carb-Lo PM.

Carb-Lo PM - Rejuvenates your body during sleep to help you sleep deeper, burns calories, rejuvenates hair nails and skin while reducing fat stores.

Carb-Lo Chocolate Fudge Bars Great tasting low carb, high protein snack.

TaeBo Select Gro-Lean
Stimulating the body's release of HGH helps you increase physical performance, build lean muscle, burn fat, sleep peacefully, reduce stress and much more.

Ultimate OPC+
Super antioxidant liquid vitamin. OPC+ contains a spectrum of antioxidants to boost the immune system and reduce free radical damage.

Sugar Blocker Gum
Stops your sugar cravings by blocking the taste of sugar for an hour.  Free CD included, learn to use Aversion Therapy and stop sugar cravings.

TaeBo Select GS-Extra
"Healthy Joints, Less Pain"
Now formulated with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM if your joints hurt from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or just-don't-know-itis, you should be taking this nutrient every day.

Juice FX
Five (5) organic vegetables packed into every capsule.  Provides health and immune building benefits that cannot be obtained through eating vegetables alone.



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