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Sugar Blocker Gum teaches you not to like sweets...

How does SugarBlocker work?

To understand how SugarBlocker gum works, we need to understand the tongue. There are four basic taste sensations:

1. Bitterness
2. Sourness
3. Salitness
4. Sweetness

When you eat something, the receptors on your tongue bind to the molecules of the food to determine its taste. 


These sensations are sent to your brain and you determine whether what you are tasting is good or bad. Unfortunately, anything our society puts in their mouth that tastes like sugar is GOOD.

The herb found in SugarBlocker gum is known as a sugar analog. Although that may sound somewhat technical, a sugar analog simply means that the herbs chemical structure is almost identical to sucrose. As you chew the gum, the herb binds to all the receptor sites on your tongue and blocks the sugar from touching the chemical receptors for the taste sensation of anything sweet. 

Because the herb only blocks the chemical receptors for sweets, the taste of bitter, sour and salty can still be tasted.

Consequently, SugarBlocker Gum blocks your ability to taste sweets, but does not block your ability to taste other foods. Thus, chicken breast, salads, pasta, vegetables and any other food void of sugar will taste completely normal. 

Yet, cookies, pastries, candy bars, cakes and pies will be very unpleasant. Because alcohol is a form of sugar, SugarBlocker Gum exerts the same effects on alcohol as it does on other sweets. Basically, wine will taste like vinegar, and beer will taste like, well, urine.

Does it Work?

YES!!! There are hundreds of testimonials and a five month test market showed that 98% of the people that chewed SugarBlocker Gum then tried to eat a Milky Way candy bar, found the candy bar so distasteful that they spit it out rather than swallow it!

Imagine, spitting out those foods that are keeping you fat! Sugar Blocker Gum is the only All-Natural weight-loss system that will teach you to become the type of person inside and out you have always wanted to be.

What's in Sugar Blocker Gum that makes it so special?

The trick in manufacturing a product like this is "How do you sweeten a product that blocks the taste of sweet?"

SugarBlocker gum is made from several common ingredients that go into making many of your popular gums. We used a combination of sweeteners that would over power the herb. 

  • One is acesulfame potassium.  Sounds like a tough name to pronounce, but this artificial sweetener is used in many of the products you already eat. It is sold as Sunette in your local supermarket and can be found in dry beverage mixes, canned fruit, gelatins, puddings, and chewing gums.

    This product cannot be metabolized by the body and therefore has no calories. Since the sweetener cannot be metabolized by the body, it simply passes through the body without being absorbed. Yet, it contains such a sweet flavor that it is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.

  • T Sorbitol and xylitol are alcohol sugars. Alcohol sugars are often used in diabetic candies because they contain the full flavor of sweet, but contain half the calories of sugar.

    Alcohol sugars cannot be completely digested by the body because the molecules are much larger than normal sugar. Thus, the body cannot completely break down the two alcohol sugars within the gum and instead of getting the normal four calories like you would from regular sugar, your body will only be able to extract one or two.

  • Maltitol is a derivative of malt sugar and is often used as a sweetener for diabetics.

  • Titanium dioxide occurs naturally in minerals and is used as a food color. Itís use in SugarBlocker Gum is to give the gum itís white pigment.

  • The main distinction is the herbal concentrate called Asclepias Geminata. This rare herb is derived from shrubs that grow on river banks. The herb is non-toxic and has no known side effects. This allows the user to chew the gum as often as desired. So when the urge to eat something sweet strikes, simply chew the gum.

SugarBlocker Gum is made from a natural herb which has no known toxicity. It doesn't interfere with any drugs and is safe for children.

Perhaps of most importance is that unlike other drug based appetite control drugs, SugarBlocker Gum does not have any negative side effects. It does not alter your brain chemistry and cannot harm your lungs or heart like other diet aids.

How to use SugarBlocker Gum Most Effectively

Some people find that one piece of gum works just fine. Others felt two pieces work better. The key is to chew the gum until all the flavor disappears. Once the spearmint flavor disappears, your chemical receptors are bound and the gum will block the taste of sweets. 

After the spearmint flavor disappears, you will only be able to taste the herb. Many people enjoy the herbal flavor, but some find it distasteful. If you like the herbal taste, keep chewing it. The longer you chew the gum, the longer it works. 

For best results use Sugarblocker Gum in conjunction with our aversion therapy weight loss system. Follow the guidebook and you will be on your way to super weight-loss and a renewal spirit for life it works!

How long does the effects of SugarBlocker last?

That really depends on each person and how long you chew the gum. The test marketing shows that most people feel the effects of the gum last 30-40 minutes after it has been discarded. Others found that the gum lasted as long as an hour.

Is SugarBlocker Gum safe for diabetics to use?

Yes! The only thing you have to consider about using this gum along with diabetes is that the gum will reduce the amount of sugar you normally eat. While that is a good thing, eating less could reduce or alter the amount of insulin that you need.

Consequently, if you are eating less calories from sweets and you suffer from diabetes, you may want to consult with your physician about checking your blood sugar and the possibility of adjusting your insulin. 

All of the sweeteners used in SugarBlocker Gum are used for diabetics. In fact, SugarBlocker Gum was originally designed by Nutritionist Keith Klein for diabetics.

Can you use SugarBlocker Gum along with any appetite suppressants or weight loss drugs that your doctor has prescribed?

Absolutely! Since the herb within SugarBlocker Gum has no known drug interactions, it can be used safely with any medications. Unlike some weight loss drugs, SugarBlocker Gum only works on the chemical receptors on your tongue. It doesnít affect your brain chemistry, lungs or heart. It cannot raise your blood pressure. And since SugarBlocker Gum isnít swallowed (although it can be) it will not interfere with the absorption of any drugs.

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